As an entrepreneur and developer, should I develop my business website myself or hire someone to save time?

Yes, I would highly recommend that. If you are a developer and want to start a business, you should go ahead and develop your own website instead of relying on someone else. The startups almost always have little to no money, but they need to build a high quality website. If you however are not limited by your budget, and you want to concentrate more on other key areas such as marketing, client handling etc., you would definitely think of outsourcing.

Handling this work yourself also cuts down on the frustration of having to deal with designers who may try to influence your vision to match their own. If you are starting an online business, you may wish to retain full control over your business strategies and upgrade your website according to the changing needs of the industry. Every time you ask someone for help, you’re actually giving them a chance to sneak into your website’s backend.

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