Comparison of native apps with hybrid apps.

What is the native application?

Native application built with software development tools (SDK) for a specific software infrastructure, hardware platform, or operating system. Like the Android app built with the Java Development Kit on the Java Platform, the iOS app built with the iOS SDK, Swift, and Objective C. Likewise, .NET is required for the Windows platform.

Why the hybrid application?

Hybrid apps are based on web technologies, so the same app can run in a browser like any other website or it can run as progressive web app (PWA).
The hybrid app can deliver the same consistent user experience across all platforms, regardless of user movement between different devices or browsers. Native plugins are required to access native platform functions such as camera, microphone, etc. (native plugins are like a container on top of native libraries or components)

Graphics apps, HD games, and heavy animation apps can work well as native apps because native code is always faster than HTML and JavaScript. WebGL standards help the browser and hybrid application for gaming applications achieve performance, but the native always has the edge.
Native SDKs allow you to access device functionality without having to deal with the complexity of native plugins, and new device functionality will be available immediately with SDKs.