Difference between a web designer and a web developer.

Today, it is easy for Internet users to visit websites and think “anyone can build it”. Thanks to content management systems such as WordPress and pre-coded themes and plugins, some people can. But the point is, it takes a combination of strong coding and designing skills to create a website where people want to purchase, subscribe to, etc. It is a must have for web designers and web developers today.

If you are considering building websites for a living, it is important to determine which of these roles you want to take. This will facilitate the mapping of your career path, your training and your position. Web developers own the technical side of a website, which means they have to master the code, especially the back-end. Web designers own everything associated with the front-end or the user interface of a website. His skills need to go beyond basic design concepts or color theory.

Web developers take everything that has been created – site structure, design mockups and prototypes and they turn it into code. Web developers typically do no design work, they often work closely with web designers throughout the process.

This collaboration can start early in the web design process, bringing the developer to the position of consultant. Once a web designer has envisaged the look and function of a website, the developer assesses whether it has imagined that it can be programmed technically and cost effectively. Web developers and designers also collaborate later when designers hand in customer-approved designs.

Web designers are responsible for designing digital interfaces that are attractive and effective for converting visitors (such as buying or subscribing to something). However, most of the web design process also takes them into the areas of research and testing. So knowing how to select an aesthetic color palette is usually not enough. This often means undergoing an extensive process of research and planning for the final design of a website.

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