Do paid services of job portals work?

If you’re someone looking for an employment opportunity, the services provided by a job portal are not quite helpful. No website or placement agency can promise you an opportunity. It is kind of foolish to expect that. It depends on your skills. Each person has a different skill set depending on their interests, natural abilities, personal qualities and technical skills.

A job portal is able to provide you with certain services. You can pay for services such as search up ranking, resume highlighting etc. You need to work harder on your skill sets. You are going to have to demonstrate a specific set of skills needed for a particular role.

You should pay more attention to crafting your Curriculum Vitae. It’s important you don’t miss out any steps. Emphasize your skills and qualifications on your resume. Convince an employer to take a chance on You. As an employer, too often I have had candidates who have claimed significant levels of enthusiasm for a role yet have no significant knowledge.

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