How can I compete as a new freelancer web developer in the huge competition of freelancing in 2020?

Not only software development but you’re sure to face tough competition in any profession. There are at least 100/150 freelancers waiting to bid on a single project. Before you get started, you need to know that competing with experienced freelancers having secured hundreds or maybe thousands of reviews is not an easy task. It’s not easy to get a project without experience, but it can be done.

If you really want to build your career as a freelancer, some things are worth knowing.

  1. Know your skills. Never commit to a project unless you’re prepared to deliver.
  2. Highlight your past and present projects, those you’re particularly proud of and that should encourage clients.
  3. Study the project description before making a proposal.
  4. When starting your career as a freelancer, try to keep your rates down.
  5. If you ever get an opportunity to talk to the project owner, talk moderately. Don’t exaggerate.