How can I start an ecommerce business?

There is no shortcut to success. Starting an eCommerce business is like starting any other business.

What factors do you take into account when starting your ecommerce business?

  1. Deal in specific types of goods. Like grocery items, garments or electronic goods. Do not try to be an “Amazon” from day one.
  2. Start selling within your city and then perhaps in your state or country. Never try to be a global player, you might have to fail miserably.
  3. Do not hire more personnel than you actually need. It can soon become a burden.
  4. Keep your products handy. Make sure there is no delay in shipping. This will keep your customers’ happy.
  5. Always ask for feedback or review. You must keep improving.
  6. Ensure quality. Remember that your customers cannot physically examine the products before ordering.
  7. Choose your system carefully. A lot depends on it. If you are not a technical professional, choosing the right platform is the single most important task.