How do you deal with inappropriate coworkers?

There are many opinions on how to deal with toxic co-workers. Here’s a universal truth: Like toxic waste, toxic waste must be handled with care. And prolonged contact between the two is not healthy. Worst of all, working with a toxic coworker can have a negative impact on your job performance and, if allowed to continue her behavior, can even ruin her career. These toxic colleagues blame other people and do not take responsibility for their actions. This behavior can occur even in depressed situations.

In each group, it seems that at least one person raises morale, slows productivity, and expresses anger at other team members because of their bad tendencies, their refusal to follow the rules, or even their simple annoying behavior. And you know that you cannot encourage this situation.

To give you some practical advice on what to do, we asked HR professionals to share their stories about workers and what they learned from dealing with people with problems over the years. This is what your friends have to say.

I heard in the office about a particular employee’s habit of avoiding work. Although her co-workers carried a heavy workload, she spent a lot of time on personal tasks at work. She found a smart way to challenge her responsibilities and address those around her. For example, if she calls a customer, she asks him to call her back when she realizes that others need to follow up, rather than answering her right away.

After taking the time to get to know her better, I realized that she is very pathetic in her current role. I helped her set career goals and develop plans to achieve them. When she moved to a different position, her behavior with others improved. This employee eventually became the go-to person in her department.

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