How do you do web development without a framework?

It has never been easier not to use a web development framework. If you don’t want to read a long introduction, skip to the Frameworkless section to learn not to use the framework to create reusable components, or rather, how to create new HTML elements.

Just as , jQuery made perfect sense and provided valuable abstractions to mask the myriad of browser inconsistencies, but now that things have become more standardized, it has less value, too many of the functions provided by frameworks are no longer needed as browsers are increasingly built. -in functions.

No matter what framework you are using, it can easily be assumed that it is needed, but the reasons why it was needed more than 2 years ago or every time you use it may or may not be valid anymore. The browser platform is in constant development. Therefore, it is good to re-evaluate our selections from time to time to ensure that we continue to need them, and not just use them as they have become a comfortable blanket we know.

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