How do you make sure your developer doesn’t take your idea and push you out?

There is no concrete way to ensure that your business concepts are always safe. There are however a few ideas you might try to safeguard your interest.

  1. Find a reputed service provider. Ask to see the portfolio. Check reviews before placing your order. It’s important for every company to maintain good reputation and integrity. It’s unlikely for them to steal your business ideas.
  2. If you hire a freelancer, make sure to have a Non-disclosure agreement in place. They’ll be legally bound not to disclose your concept.
  3. If you can afford then hire multiple developers. Distributing the project in 3/4 parts may help you safeguard your strategy to some extent.

Idea generation is a crucial process for businesses looking to innovate and gain competitive advantage. We know how amazon works, but nobody is able to get close in terms of volume. If you are a start-up, try with something conventional. From there, you can gradually introduce innovation.

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