How many hours a week do successful entrepreneurs work?

Shot of a young businessman experiencing stress during a late night at work

A survey by the New York Enterprise Report found that small business owners do twice as much work as regular employees. It also found that 33% of small business owners worked more than 50 hours a week and 25% said they worked more than 60 hours a week. The average self-made millionaire in the United States works six days a week instead of the usual five.

A little productive work happens after 50 hours per week. Those who work 60 hours a week have a 23 percent higher risk of injury. Among the companies with an overtime rate of 7.7 percent, the researchers found no fatigue-related problems. The weekend is a much-needed rest that usually gives you enough time to recharge during the week, but also gives you a little opportunity to go about your personal exercise, such as learning new skills, traveling, or spending lots of time together. Family. One day in an entrepreneur’s life can include sales calls, marketing meetings, client lunches, press interviews, and many more.

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