How much money does a PHP developer charge to develop an e-commerce site from start to finish?

Ecommerce sales have been growing constantly and for good reason. Generally, eCommerce website development prices can range from $1,000 to $500,000 or more. The cost will ultimately be driven by your overall sales and traffic goals, the features you need, and the type of eCommerce website company you select.

I would like to make a few other quick points.
1. Development Platform? This is the most important question. The cost of a software project in most cases is determined by the development platform it uses. The price is relatively low for development on ready-made platforms such as CMS. For example, we can mention WordPress, Joomla etc.

If you want to build a project from scratch, then naturally the cost is higher.
2. Multi-vendor or Single vendor? Single supplier (or standalone shopping) shops, by their actual nature, continue to be popular to a single market or particular niche; thus, have poor scalability. On the other hand, multi-vendor or marketplace models have the capability to scale like a forest fire in brand-new markets.

3. Payment Options? Without appropriate payment options, your sales will dwindle because customers will only have the option of paying for products via cash on delivery, which many people don’t prefer.
4. Miscellaneous features? Live tracking of invoices, SMS notification system, discount coupon system etc.