I am thinking of starting a coupons website. How does it work? Where do I find coupon codes, and which theme is best for it?

Let me tell you launching a coupon website is a smart idea. There are many such websites which are very popular and making good money. So it is wise to start a business with a coupon website.

Let me explain how a coupon website works. For example, a restaurant is giving a 50% discount on food worth Rs.100/-. That means, people can visit the restaurant and order food by spending only Rs.50/-. You can display this coupon code on your website and put it on sale at Rs.20/-. Now people can buy a coupon code at Rs.20/- and avail 50% discount. The customer will enjoy a benefit of Rs.30/- (Rs.50/- – Rs.30/-) and you, as the website owner earn Rs.20/-.

You can share 50% of your profit with the restaurant. You earn a net profit of Rs.10/-. The restaurant owner saves money. It’s also a good opportunity for sales promotion. After launching your coupon website, you need to advertise on local media. Contact local shop owners, merchants, restaurants and other businesses to back your venture by sharing discount coupons.

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