Is it worth it to learn jQuery in 2021?

One of the most popular libraries in the world, jQuery is so popular that it is used by 75.9% of all websites. JQuery was created by John Resig and released primarily as a JavaScript library in August 2006 to facilitate DOM manipulation. It was a time when Internet Explorer ruled the world of browsers. Google Chrome wasn’t even on the scene yet. These older browsers implement JavaScript in different ways, which led to a number of compatibility issues.

At that time, jQuery was born. It filled in the gaps in the native JavaScript browser implementation and provided a smooth and seamless interface for performing various DOM manipulations, animations, and AJAX requests. Due to its ease of use, clear syntax, and cross-browser compatibility, it quickly became the tool of choice for front-end developers. It has become much more popular than other libraries such as Mootools, Scriptaculous, and Prototype.

Due to its popularity, developers around the world have introduced hundreds of front-end plugins and frameworks based on JQuery. Many of them have become popular. This is how this library really took its roots. While it is obvious that the library is gradually losing ground, it is nonetheless relevant.

Many websites use it. According to BuiltWith, JQuery is still used by 77% of the top 1 million websites. So if you ever come across such a website, you must know about the library. Besides its popularity, JQuery is a good library. The chaining methods are clean and elegant.

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