Is PHP still used in the industry?

PHP doesn’t have the best reputation. It is still one of the most used languages for creating web applications. While there are still many arguments against PHP, there is also a silver lining: you can write clean, maintainable, fast and reliable applications in PHP.

Before going into any conclusion, I want you to take a look at the bright sides of PHP development. You can see PHP, despite its many shortcomings, is an interesting language. You can see how the language has changed and even matured in recent years. I would like to ask you to break the prejudices for a few minutes and you may be surprised what PHP is today.

PHP is much faster due to the architecture of the language, its history, and most importantly, its philosophy. Most projects created with PHP are simple and don’t use a lot of memory. It’s easier to scale a PHP website because small projects don’t require fancy functionality and don’t take up a lot of disk space.

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