Is PWA the future of web development?

Progressive Web Application (PWA) is considered the future of cross-platform development due to its cross-device application, increased speed and simplicity that does not require any installation or update. The availability on Android and iOS makes PWA an application of the future.

PWAs are powerful, efficient, fast, and app-like. It is hard to imagine that a mobile web property cannot be significantly improved with the implementation of PWA. It can also eliminate the need for many native “vanity” applications that exist today.

As a result, companies have two options to be present on mobile devices by investing in native applications or a progressive web application. The difference between a native app and a progressive web app (PWA) is how users access it. Progressive web applications, for example, are delivered over the web and can be accessed through multiple platforms.

Progressive web apps were invented in 2015, essentially a century ago when it came to web development, but there is still some confusion regarding their anatomy. In essence, PWAs are application-like websites that use web technologies to combine the best of the web and native environments.

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