Is web development dead in 2020?

I don’t know who is spreading such rumors. Maybe some believe that web development is about to stop and the era of mobile development has begun. Or maybe the popularity of readymade website builders will lead to the demise of web development. I will explain this through my article.

Mobile application development is not an alternative to web development. Mobile development and regular website development are interconnected and interdependent. Websites are built in a responsive way.

Websites that are usually viewed through a computer can also be accessed on a smartphone. There are many similarities between the two types of development methods.

Both require a back-end programming language and a database. In most cases the back-end is the same for both the website and app. The popularity of mobile application development has grown exponentially these days as smart phones have become increasingly affordable.

However, there is no alternative to desktop computing at work. In the case of browser based websites you can control the security level. That is not possible for an app. The popularity of mobile apps in the entertainment industry is however unstoppable. Therefore, website development and app development are not alternatives, rather complement each other.