Similarities and differences between a winner and a loser mindset in life?

Winners are firm on values but committed to unimportant things, losers are firm on inferior things but committed to values. The winners follow the philosophy of empathy: “Don’t do what others want you to do”; Lost philosophy follows: “Others should do it before they do it to you”

Winner Features:

The winners enter the game.
Winners boldly ask what they want. …
The winners understand their sphere of influence. …
Winners gratefully tap into the strengths of others.
The winners are relentlessly promoting themselves.
The winners are free from losses.

Features of the loser:

Regardless of your social status, no matter what you do in life or how rich you are, if you have the following, you are a failure:
Integrity prevented.
Unnecessary gossip and slander.
Acute depression.
Pass the injured man.
Without ambition.
Evil and hateful.
Don’t believe or respect yourself.
Wait before you start sweating.

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