Start an online business today – 5 best freelancing jobs in demand right now.

Maybe you are dreaming of quitting your job, exploring faraway places, visiting ancient wonders, or going on adventures for months while getting paid for your skills and services, or maybe you just want to bring in a little extra money each month. Well, in any case, freelance work is the way for you to get there, but you don’t know which gig of freelance work is the right one. Here are some of the reasons freelance work is amazing and on the rise. First, it promotes a better quality of life. A 2015 survey found that freedom, choice, and flexibility often equal happiness. So, it’s no surprise that freelancers are happier than employees, who take on more of those traditional nine-to-five jobs. The report’s links revealed that freelancers are more optimistic and happier than traditional workers, with 84% of freelancers saying they find real meaning in what they do. Not only that, but the majority of freelancers also report that they get better compensation and achieve a better work-life balance, and of course,
all of this leads to a much better quality of life, which is amazing. When you’re freelance, you work for yourself, which means you have complete control over the hours you work, what your workload is, what type of clients you work with, how much you charge, and ultimately, what skills you learn at this level of the job. The freedom and flexibility are seriously life-changing and a big reason freelancers say they may never go back to a normal 9 to 5.

There’s something for everyone, so probably one of the most interesting things about freelancing is that it’s so diverse. There is something for everyone, from the more common professions like writing and photography to slightly more distant professions like rocket science, bounty hunting, and even baby name advice. The options are truly endless and that brings us to our list of the best and most in-demand freelance skills today. Of course, we’ll start with number one, writing. The coolest thing about writing is that every business in the world needs it, and they need it in many forms, both text, and content. So, what is the difference? Well, content writing creates brand loyalty and engagement. It is essential for companies today. It’s content marketing and comes in the form of blog posts, articles, social media captions, email newsletters, and more. A content writer needs to be skilled at conversational and engaging writing, and of course, earn bonus points for having a general understanding of how keywords play into it all. SEO copy writing, on the other hand, is what businesses rely on when it comes to generating leads, conversions, and sales, usually through mediums such as ads, sales pages, landing pages, promotional emails, and even some social media captions. Now, copywriters also need to be fluent in conversational and engaging writing, but beyond that, they also need to have an awareness of psychology, triggers, and marketing and know-how to do great buyer research. So, if you’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer, here are some ways to make money with your words.

Number two is the social media manager. If it’s not on social media, does it even exist? In our modern age of technology, smartphones, and apps, every business really should have a social media presence. Indeed, the majority of customers want to follow and interact with the brands they love online. But the fact is, most businesses don’t have the time or the energy. This is where this independent skill comes in handy. Social media managers are responsible for managing a brand’s presence on the internet. And of course, that can include developing strategies to increase reach, creating and tracking social campaigns, keeping up to date with current trends, producing content, and monitoring metrics like level of engagement. If you love all that stuff like metrics, trends, and social media, this might be the perfect freelance business for you.

Number three, is a website designer. Not every business needs a website, but most, if not all, will benefit greatly from it. In today’s online world, it not only has to look good, but it also has to work well and be fully mobile optimized. I mean, there’s nothing worse than when you’re viewing a website on your phone and it has broken images or text you can’t read or buttons you can’t click. This means that it is a highly demanded freelance skill. Website designers and developers are responsible for planning all the websites you need to have a good eye for visual design and a deep understanding of design software like maybe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, JavaScript, HTML, and all that super cheesy technical stuff. Now, if that sounds like a lot but might be something you’re interested in, there are so many online courses that can teach you all of these skills.

Number four on my list is the copy editor who called the grammar police. If you are one of those people who catch every single grammar, spelling, and language error, then this freelancing gig just might be for you. Copying is a job that every business needs, and that’s because writers aren’t necessarily good spellers or grammar experts. I know, shocking, but truly the best copywriters are focusing on more of the flow and the strategy, and less, unlike those little nitty-gritty things. So that means that quite often, businesses not only need to hire excellent writers and copywriters that can engage with their audience, build rapport and make sales, but they also need someone to copy and edit what their writers have written as a copy editor. You’d be in charge of things like correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax, ensuring consistency and hyphenation, numeral fonts, and capitalization, or flagging ambiguous and factually incorrect statements. You are the person going through everything with a fine-tooth comb to ensure there are zero spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors before the writing is ready to be viewed by the public.

Number five is the virtual assistant. Are you the queen of communication? Can you type faster than you think? Are you a multitasking master? Could your sense of organization and time management make even most people green with envy? If you said yes, then a freelance virtual assistant or VA job might be the one for you. UVAs are usually hired for management tasks for a single brand or company. These tasks often vary but can include anything from scheduling appointments, making calls, data entry, arranging and booking travel, bookkeeping, arranging emails and inboxes, social media management, or even content creation. Every company has its own needs and wants of course, so this is a gig that isn’t quite as cut and dry as maybe some of the others. But it’s a high-demand gig that can be incredibly fun and rewarding, depending on who your customers are.

So, are you ready to put your death behind you and embrace the freedom of freelancing? The good news is that there’s never been a better or easier time to start your online freelancing business than now. Plus, it’s easier than ever to learn, practice, and improve your skills online. More and more companies are looking for the benefit of outsourcing experts for the skills and services they need. There are tons of freelance jobs out there, all with the potential to play well and keep your books as full as you want them to be. The first step, of course, is to decide on capacity.

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