What are all the things I need to build an online courier booking website?

While you’re planning to launch a courier booking website, you should know about the challenges you’re going to face. The technical part is relatively easy. A huge challenge you need to overcome is to get yourself aligned with the right professionals. If you’re already working with a courier company as a business associate, it would be a smart idea to start accepting orders online. But, if your service involves multiple courier companies, it’s a bit complicated.

Firstly, you need to connect to the courier companies and request for a personalized API for your website. Then comes the integration part. This could be a significant effort on the programmers depending on the complexity of the integration and the amount of testing required. Your system should be able to automatically reflect the cost, accept orders based on current rates and finally track and display the shipment status. You also need to create an interface to compare rates for all available service providers.

If you are comfortable working with APIs, you can certainly do it yourself.

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