What are the benefits of Outsourcing IT projects?

  1. Easy to find experts with unusual skills.
  2. Focus on the core competencies of the organization.
  3. Easily modify scale or efficiency.
  4. Less organizational complexity.
  5. Fight against the lack of skills available in your region.
  6. Reduce costs.
  7. Rapid development performance.
  8. Skills. You can access talent with expert knowledge to manage your specific project. Many projects fail or are not aware of their full potential because the project managers in charge are inexperienced.
  9. Experience. If your internal project manager doesn’t scale up to your project, you could lose significant potential gains in the project life cycle.
  10. Scope and space. I often hear complaints from project managers that lack of time is reducing their ability to execute. Especially since the economic downturn, there are fewer resources operating on the board in most trading environments.
  11. Efficiency (profitability and productivity). You pay only for the things you use. Find a resource model that runs up and down based on your needs, with no long-term commitments or the need to grow your headcount. You will be immersed in skills and experience when you need it. And when you no longer need it, it doesn’t fit on your payroll.
  12. Flexibility. When you hire the talent you need, when you have the long-term commitment to the precision of the time you need, and when the project ends, there are no extended overhead costs. Perfect.
  13. New diverse talent solutions. You access a different address book each time, assigning specific project management talents to specific business challenges.

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