What are the best ways to engage with customers online while working for your own startup and having no coworker?

Getting your first real customer is a significant milestone for every ecommerce entrepreneur. Some people are born to be entrepreneurs. This may not exactly be a technical skill but it’s still a vital component of your startup because it helps you understand how an ecommerce website works. One of the toughest challenges an entrepreneur faces is marketing and public relations. You can have a great idea and you can have a great product; but if you can’t effectively market your idea, you’ll never be as successful.

Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t be shy. Ask your customers to speak up for you to help promote your business. You need to know your customers on a personal level.
  2. Ensuring your products are of high quality is crucial to your business’s bottom line.
  3. The product should not only get the job done but do so efficiently.
  4. If customers begin to associate faces with your company, it will help.
  5. Get Feedback from your customers. You’ll always know what your customers really want and how their needs are changing.

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