What are the differences between an open source e-commerce platform or a custom-developed solution?

It is not easy to give a definite answer to this question. It depends on exactly what kind of features you are interested in having on your website, and it in terms of the money allocated for that particular project. If you want to build an ecommerce project in detail, you need a custom development solution. Startups that want to start small can definitely try different ready solutions.

However, the system that you will develop as a result will not be different from all other websites in look and feel. This means that a website developed by CMS is unlikely to have any special features. But, this will allow you to take a new initiative in less time and within your budget.

If you want to start your project on a long-term basis by gathering enough resources, investing according to your ability and envisioning the future, then I can say for sure that a custom development solution will be much more beneficial than CMS. This will allow you to tailor your website to your professional needs, understand the needs of local buyers and be able to make specific changes to your system accordingly.

A website that utilizes the most relevant marketing strategies for your product can help you create high demand while achieving sustainable growth.