What are the pros and cons of using Whereby meeting?

This is a very useful application for any company, organization, government department, and educational institution to do their job in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Advantages of Whereby App

  1. Simple Paid Plans:

The Whereby app has designed subscriptions that are simple and easy to understand. This helps users choose the right plan based on their needs and usage. The free program is also available and has some great features. However, the paid plans provide access to many other benefits associated with using the platform to hold online meetings. This helps small businesses and local businesses avoid additional or excessive spending on the online meeting platform. This enables them to continue their work remotely with the same productivity and efficiency.

Efficient data exchange:

The Whereby app offers a simple and efficient way to exchange data during an ongoing meeting. Users can share PowerPoint presentations, documents, files, videos, and more during the session. This helps achieve the reason and purpose of the meeting more efficiently and smoothly. This makes data exchange when chatting on the platform easy and efficient. The platform also helps organize business meetings, educational meetings, webinars, online courses and many other types of agreements on the platform.


The Whereby application has access to various tools with which you can organize and conduct meetings efficiently. In addition, the app has built-in tools that users can use to manage and organize the meeting schedule. Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets and many other Google tools can be accessed through the app. In addition, you can also access Microsoft tools to organize a meeting.

Useful for organizing different meetings in one day:

The Whereby platform helps the meeting host plan by scheduling different meetings in one day. It also helps attendees to plan and block their time according to the meeting schedule. It is an efficient way to organize and hold the meeting without chaos or stressful situations.

Easy to use:

The Whereby app is easy to use. One can easily share the information about the meeting rooms by message or email. In addition, the host can block participants and not allow them to join the meeting despite information about the meeting room.

The host can organize long meetings:

This platform enables the host to hold long-term meetings with a user-friendly experience. In addition, the reason for the meeting is useful and easy to get to. Therefore, it helps the company organization and institutions to organize several meetings in one day without having stressful situations and tiredness.

Disadvantages of Whereby App

Doesn’t support large audiences:

The maximum number of participants that the Where application supports is 12 participants in a meeting. This is very small as it doesn’t hold the large number of viewers. Therefore, it does not make sense to organize large webinars, promotional events, or such meetings that require a large number of attendees.

High storage space occupied:

Meetings take up a lot of space when they are recorded and saved. The space used for a single session for 45 minutes is specified in GB. Additional memory is required to store data shared during the meeting. This makes it impractical for large companies to regularly manage and store data for each meeting.

Inaccessible access to stored data:

Information stored in applications that make data difficult to access when needed. An appropriate additional strategy should be developed and followed to organize the meeting dates. As a result, it becomes inconvenient to hold and manage multiple meetings at a time.

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