What are the qualities a good web developer should have? Can you explain by example?

It is a combination of creativity, logic, materials and problem solving ability.

Web development is constantly evolving and it is expanding its support for emerging technologies. The mobile revolution has paved the way for many different technologies and frameworks.

1. The user experience is an essential property of any website. When a HTML template is given, it is the prerogative of the developer to implement the code without hindering the design.

2. Developers need to be familiar with the latest technologies. Web development is one of the fastest growing industries and new changes are being made every day.

3. You cannot expect to write perfect code on your first attempt. Seasoned programmers know that errors are part of the process. Every programmer, even the most experienced ones, encounter errors. Believe it or not, experienced programmers encounter far more errors than a new programmer ever will. The better you understand the problem, the easier it will be to solve it.