What are the similarities between the intranet and the internet?


The World-Wide-Web uses standard Internet Protocol (TCP / IP). Every computer, network or subnet on the web is assigned with a unique IP address. A special registry (DNS) is used to name the IP address so the users can browse more easily by a name. For example, the DNS server assigns an IP address pointing to https://www.itechscripts.com to identify the computer (or server) that serves the website to the internet community. The Internet connects all computers, while the World-Wide-Web allows you to access all the information and services offered by the Internet.


An Intranet on the other hand is a network that involves several computers privately connected to each other. Computers on an Intranet are not available to the world outside the network. Several organizations maintain their private intranet networks for data security. Intranet websites can be accessed on a stand browser just like websites on the internet.

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