What do top web developers you know do that others don’t?

Everyone is born equally with equal brains. No one is immune to making mistakes. We are human, after all. The very first key for success is to learn from your mistakes. The same is true for programming languages.

Important coding practices you can’t ignore:

  1. Coding Practices: A good developer should always follow the best practices and implement those and seamlessly share them across the team. For example, declaring variables and functions with meaningful names, entering descriptive comments at the top of every code snippet, saving a page with proper name, and writing code in a more effective but simpler format. This way you can ensure reusability of the codes. It will be easier for other professionals to easily understand and modify the codes.
  2. Database Structure: In a large web portal almost every line of code corresponds to some database operation. Everytime the code reads/ writes/ updates or deletes something on the database the response time increases. Response time is an important component in administration or any popular website. A good developer is expected to keep the webpage response time in control by finding a smarter way to least interact with the database.
  3. Web Security:

A good developer should be knowledgeable about all known security vulnerabilities of a particular webpage. Some of the common examples are SQL Injection, XML External Entities (XXE), Cross-Site Scripting XSS, Insecure Deserialization etc.. Hacking attempts can be prevented by pre-emptive and intelligent coding.