What is the best PHP IDE for development that will support all of the new features in PHP 8?

Dreamweaver is a popular PHP development tool. You can use this tool to create, publish, and manage websites.

Kite is the IDE for PHP that auto-completes various lines of codes. This editor supports more than 16 languages. Help you program faster and smoother.

Rapid Php Editor is an easy-to-use PHP editor with syntax checker and debugger for rapid development of PHP programs. This tool has a smart code completion feature.

The Eclipse CDT framework is a website development tool for PHP. Highlight the syntax you wrote. With this tool, you can easily debug your program.

Komodo is a PHP IDE that supports web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Drupal, Zend, etc. With this software, you can debug PHP programs quickly and easily.

Codelobster is an integrated development environment for PHP. It is compatible with many plugins, including JQuery, Facebook, etc.

Notepad ++ is a code editor that can be used with Windows. This tool highlights the syntax and the keyword. Helps you work with multiple files open in one window.

PHPStorm is a cross-platform IDE for PHP. You can use it to use front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Sass, etc. You can test a single unit of the source code.

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