What is the MVC software and development system?

MVC stands for Model, View and Controller.

It’s a structural pattern used in web development for multilevel distributed responsibilities. In the web programming paradigm there are many different layers.

  1. Database or back-end
  2. Middle tier
  3. Front-end or user interface

These three different layers are called logical segments. MVC actually defines these components to make a project easy to manage. You can work on a particular section without messing up the entire project. All structured programming languages or frameworks use MVC architecture. Even you can create your own MVC structure.

Models: Models are used for fetching, writing, updating and deleting data on the database.

Views: Files inside the views folder are for front-end design. Those files are used to display data and fetching user inputs.

Controllers: Controller files are used as a middle tire. It connects the database with the front-end. Controllers are used for all processes and manipulation of data.

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