What would you prefer between these two, Web development using Python or web development using Java?

Both Python and Java are highly efficient programming languages. Python has elegant and easy-to-read syntax. It is a much preferred option for scripting and rapid application development in areas such as Python web development. Java, on the other hand, is platform independent, easy to learn, and very stable.

Both are high-level programming languages based on an object-oriented paradigm. Because they are very versatile and efficient, they are widely used to develop IT solutions, including web apps, APIs, mobile apps, Internet of Things, data science, and many more.

The two languages compete with each other as they both offer great opportunities for developers. In recent years, Python has come a long way and has become a favorite of millions of programmers around the world for its best applicability to cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. Meanwhile, Java has never given up on its leadership positions.

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