Which is the best bug tracking tool for web developers? Why?

Mantis is a fantastic web-based bug tracking system developed in PHP and available for free.

Airbrake.io is one of the leading cloud-based bug fixing software and currently serves a large number of small and medium sized developers.

Bugzilla is known to be the primary bug tracking tool for many businesses. It has a simple yet attractive interface which makes it the best option.

Redmine is a widely used open source bug tracking tool that is merged with source code management systems (SCMs). It is flexible web project management software that requires the Ruby on Rails framework to be started.

JIRA is used by countless software professionals (developers and designers) to track bugs because it has a simpler framework. JIRA works on the principle of the AGILE methodology.

DebugMe allows you to annotate your web project and report issues to other team members. It works with all major web browsers including Opera, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, which few other tools can claim.

zipBoard is a visual bug tracker that websites can be used to review and collaborate on. Users can start by simply entering the website URL or uploading their own bogus images.

TrackDuck, which is now part of the InVision tool suite, can also be used as a code snippet.

BugHerd solves bug tracking problems on a Kanban board. These problems can be moved into four lists: Backlog, To Do, To Do and Done. This helps teams effectively manage projects and monitor the progress of each activity. Each activity on the Kanban board includes a screenshot of the problem.

Usersnap is probably the tool that has more integrations than any other tracker. It can be integrated with normal project management tools such as JIRA, Slack, Trello, Zendesk and Intercom.

DoneDone focuses on simplifying the bug detection workflow. Team members are assigned test and repair roles to solve problems. Collects all activities in a central problem center, so teams spend less time switching to viewing the status of each activity and pending activities for multiple members.

With Marker, issues can be routed to the collaboration tool of your choice as quickly as possible. Screenshots become errors, problems and comments on Trello, GitHub, JIRA, Slack or Email.

Users can report bugs with PageProofer by pasting a code snippet into the website code. This means that PageProofer works with any browser, but it cannot be used as a browser extension either.

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