Which platform is better for web development and why?

There are plenty of ways to develop a website. Choosing the right platform depends on a number of things. It is important to know about your skills and to figure out the type of website you want to build. If you are someone without any programming background and want to launch a simple static website for your business, I suppose you should try GoDaddy (Website builder), Wix, Weebly or any similar solution.

In order to create a more robust shopping website personalized to your specific business needs, you might have to hire a specialist programmer or a full-stack development company.

Following are examples of solutions ideal for both the technical and not so technical folks:

  1. WordPress: WordPress is considered as the most popular CMS. You can create just about anything using WordPress. But wait – there’s more you need to know! WordPress is not for beginners. The administrative panel itself is quite complicated and making changes isn’t that easy. Installing the missing plugins can be a real pain.
  2. Wix: There are plenty of pre-designed templates to select from. With the right tools and systems, creating a static website is as simple as ever. Wix gives you the option to start accepting payments. There are many similar services such as GoDaddy (website builder), Weebly etc.
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver: Dreamweaver is an IDE. You need to know the basics about programming. Nothing comes pre-integrated. It is the best option for expert developers.

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