Why should you consider developing a mobile application for your e-commerce project?

Yes, mobile applications are integral to any eCommerce business. Even a few years ago a mobile responsive version of a website was quite enough to attract those browsing on mobile devices. But the trend has changed substantially during the last few years.

Studies show that users prefer mobile apps more than mobile websites. According to a survey, 70% of all Americans are using smartphones or tablets. These mobile devices are responsible for 71% of the country’s digital traffic. Among other nations, 75% of Mexico’s internet usage is mobile, as is 71% of China’s and 67% of Spain’s.

Recent research shows that 90% of the users spend their time using different apps and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet. In the field of eCommerce, the contrast is even more glaring. Mobile app users spend an average 201.8 minutes per month shopping, compared to 10.9 minutes/month for website users.

In the foreseeable future, it is expected that website usage will further decrease and eCommerce business will move towards mobile apps. Perhaps after a few years, the eCommerce companies will completely move to mobile apps.